Healing Testimonies

Thanks for making your Healing Scriptures available. I read through it the other day and began praying them over me. I’ve been struggling with gout and a lot of pain in my legs and the pain left when I took communion and confessed these over my life.

–Paul M.

I was very sick for two weeks during which time I confessed the Scriptures. One morning, after two weeks of sickness, I was visited by a healing angel in my dream. He opened a big book and decreed Isaiah 53:5 to me. I woke up suddenly and was healed instantly and completely.

–David J.

I had an ultrasound a while back and it revealed what the radiologist diagnosed as a mass on the bladder. I immediately thought cancer. I started declaring The Healing Scriptures over my life until I went for a 3rd CT scan. It revealed there was no mass. I believe if I had been afraid and have not declared the Scriptures daily, it would have been worse. Praise God! It wasn't cancer.


My wife was diagnosed with renal cell cancer and acute myeloid leukemia. The doctors gave her a 30% chance… Now, she is 100% healed.

–Kent W.

Twelve years ago the doctors gave me three weeks to live. I had ovarian cancer. God has better plans for my life. I give Him all the praise and glory. I received a miracle so don’t ever give up. God is still doing miracles. I am proof.

–Sharon H.

Fifteen years ago the doctors gave me 3 months to live. I had cancer of the lymph glands. I was healed in a prayer meeting where six people where healed out of six people attending (100% batting average for the Holy Spirit).

–Raynald D.

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